05 Techniques To Control Weed In Your Home Garden

Home garden techniques

Weeds are one of the challenges you have to face as a home gardener. Here are 05 techniques to control weed in your home garden.

Weeding is not the exact term you have to use for controlling weeds in your home garden as it is much easier than that. Unlike in the huge fields, you don’t have to go after tiresome as well as expensive methods to control them. As a home gardener, you can easily eradicate all the weeds in your garden if you know how to. This article will explain 07 techniques to control weed in your home garden.

Add water to the crops selectively

If you have a home garden, watering will have to be a daily applicable activity. But, if you apply water to the whole ground, one of the true values of home gardening has vanished. You must provide water to the crops selectively and save water as the first thing. As the second thing to remember, weeds fight for water which means, if you use water effectively, weeds will vanish.

Don’t turn The Soil

When farmers turning the soil, they expect lots of things to happen such as mixing the available nutrients, killing pests, recycling the organic matter and a lot more. As a result of this, the weed seeds in dormant state will be able to get into the surface and germinate. As a home gardener, you don’t have to do that as you don’t have to worry about the nutrients in large amounts. If you turn the soil, you will have to provide extra attention for weed control as a sure thing.

Don’t be afraid of Chemical Control Methods


By adding chemicals into your home garden crops, you are not going to poison the vegetable or any kind of harvest but removing the unnecessary competitors off the soil. Also, once you have applied chemicals onto the soil, you don’t have to apply it or go for another chemical application for couple of seas as well. Since the applied chemicals wash away and the toxicity is reduced to the minimum level, you don’t have to be afraid.

Go for mulching and do it smartly

Mulching is considered as one of the smart techniques to control weed in your home garden. All you have to do is to apply a deal debris or a specially identified material on the soil. Straw, dead grass, or your favor may be extended up to dead weeds as well. Since the sunlight doesn’t reach the soil surface, the growth will be controlled. You will be able to retain the moisture through this method as well.

Remove the propagating materials of weed

Since it is easy to remove the upper part of the weed, you must be practicing soft weeding. But, you should remember that the bottom part of the weed may be still ready to spread its species soon. As one of the smart techniques to control weed in your home garden, you must not leave the rhizomes, roots, yams, or any kind of planting material in the soil. If you leave even the smallest parts under the soil, you will have to conduct weeding repeatedly.

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