Mistakes are what teach you lessons. A home garden is a place that you can make any mistake.  Here are 07 home garden mistakes you should not do at all.

There can be mistakes that you can correct. You make mistakes and you have to learn. But, you cannot make mistakes when you are in a place like your home garden. Since you find your time hardly and you have limited resources, you can not commit mistakes at any cost. Here are 06 home garden mistakes you should not do.

How to grow grass

Planting Huge Trees in the middle of the garden

Along with lots of landscaping, you might have decided to go for a huge tree in the middle of your home garden. You must not do that. It will be better if you find a corner for that. As one of the home garden mistakes you should not do, it will restrict the sunlight as well as harvest for your family.

Using clay soil when it is wet

Yo have a particular time for everything. When it comes to clay soil, you must not use it when it is wet. If you try to use it in wet, you will not only damage the soil structure of your home garden, damage your plants by restricting the release of nutrients into the plants.

Using Irregular watering methods

You must have your own passion to add water to your plants. Some plants may require a water bucket while other plants may be satisfied with the rainwater. Also, watering hose will have to be one of your ways to water the plants. You must use them as it is recommended. Unless you use a proper way, you will damage roots and other parts of the plants. Ultimately, the whole home gardening process will e a frustration to you in the end.

Not Removing The Entire Weed Plants

There are harder things you cannot accomplish in a massive farming land. The weeding is one of them. You can not remove the whole weed plants at the same time. That is why you have to just remove the upper part of the weed. When it comes to a home garden, you have all the time in the world to do that. It is up to you to leave if you eradicate the whole weed at a particular time or leave the rest for the next weeding time.

The Slug Invasion

Slugs have to be your main enemy in the home garden. Among hundreds of insect species, slugs can cause the largest damage to your crops. One of the largest home garden mistakes you should not do is to ignore them. Since what you can do is to apply some eggshells, salt, and a bit of chemical into soil, you should not ignore them at all.

You water at the wrong time of the day

At what time d you water your plants in the home garden? That can be at any time of the day. If you are a hard worker at your work place, you will not have time for the day to water but in the night. If you find a free time in the afternoon in your free day, you will find time in the afternoon. Remember, you should not water them at those times. Evening and the morning are the best time of the day to water your plants.


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