5 health benefits you can get from a home garden 

Home garden

Do you have any plans to get a home garden? Then you are about to make one of the best decisions in life. That’s because a home garden would benefit your physical as well as mental wellbeing. Here’s a list of 5 prominent benefits that a home garden can offer you.

You will burn a lot of calories with gardening

Obesity is a major health problem that people face. If you want to overcome obesity, you should be mindful of burning more calories. Gardening is an effortless and enjoyable method available to burn calories. In other words, you can consider gardening as a workout with moderate intensity. If you spend just one-hour gardening, you will be spending at least 330 calories. You will have to walk an hour at a moderate pace to burn this number of calories. It has even been identified that people who spend their time gardening have lower BMIs when compared to others.

Gardening can help you lower blood pressure

Another major health benefit of gardening is its ability to help you with lowering blood pressure. You just need to spend 30 minutes gardening per day to keep healthy blood pressure. This will assist you to reduce your risk of encountering serious health problems such as heart attacks and strokes.

Gardening is beneficial for the bones

Gardening can benefit your bones as well. Are you into gardening?, you will have to spend most of your time outdoors. Moreover, you will be exposing your skin to the sun. This would make your body produce Vitamin D naturally. Vitamin D will enhance the ability of your body to absorb more calcium from food. Calcium is essential for the formation of bones in your body. People who engage with gardening regularly have healthy bones, and they are less vulnerable to getting injuries.

Gardening provides you with healthier foods

People who consume healthy foods are capable of maintaining their overall health and wellbeing. Gardening can help you with it as well. You have the freedom to pick healthy vegetables and grow them in your garden. This will provide healthy and fresh produce to you regularly. If you can consume around two cups of vegetables and one cup of fruits per day, you will be getting all the major nutrients that can reduce the risk of encountering chronic health problems. However, only 10% of adults in the world are meeting that nutritional requirement. The home garden can help you to get into that 10%.

As you continue with gardening, you will develop a habit to consume healthy vegetables and fruits. This will help you to refrain from consuming any toxins into the body. It will ensure your good health in the short term as well as in the long term.

Gardening can help you to stay away from stress

Gardening will not just ensure your physical wellbeing but can also ensure your mental wellbeing. For example, you can use it to stay away from stress. Stress is something that most people have to face in today’s world. You could take a break from your busy schedule and do something different with gardening. You will have complete control over the situation as you engage with gardening, and you will never feel helpless. This will not just assist you to restore confidence but can also help you to take a break from stress.

If you are convinced by these health benefits, you should proceed with gardening. Even if you don’t have a lot of space at home, it is worth starting gardening on a small scale.

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