There are many beautiful small homes which lack space for a home garden or sometimes people who have a nice backyard have no knowledge for growing vegetables. However, in both cases we have some suggestions to help you grow vegetables quickly with high growth rates and enjoy them in every season.


Lettuce can be grown in garden of any size or even a planter. You can transplant it easily (buy from nursery), grow from seeds or cuttings. It can be grown in every season. Lettuce leaves keep growing as you harvest them.


Radishes become ready to harvest in only 24 days after planting. You can easily grow them from the cutting or seeds. Maintain a distance of at least 2 inches between each seed and sow them about half inch in the soil.


Kale is very nutritious, beautiful and hardy plant that can be grown in almost every type of climate. It can be harvested in different stages according to liking such as buds, seeds or flowers.

Green beans

Beans fix the amount of nitrogen in the soil so they can be grown in poor soil as well. You can easily grow them around the pole and enjoy extended harvest. Snap beans are good to grow in colder climate and lima beans hot areas. However, peas and asparagus can be grown in different times of the year.


If you want a lot of cucumbers, then prepare the pot or your garden soil with lots of nitrogen and potassium. They climb up as they grow so you can make a pattern with poles or wires to give a fence to the cucumber.

These vegetables will let you enjoy the process and harvest all around the year. List of quick growing vegetables is not limited to these ones whereas there are a lot more which can easily be grown.


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