You will be amazed to inform that there are some spices which can be grown on the roof top (not necessarily, you can grow them in backyard too). Grow them, harvest them and use the organic healthy spices in your food. When you grow them naturally in clean water, then their taste and benefits also increase. Here are some spices which can be grown in the home garden.


It is very easy to grow in a container with compost filled well drained soil. It can be grown after the winter season and seeds can be harvested in early autumn. It cannot be transplanted so grow it where you really want to keep it growing.


It is an amazingly fragrant spice that can be added to the recipe or can be used for garnishing. It is ground to use on Mexican foods, Indian, Vietnamese or Thai recipes. It can be sprinkled over the yogurt to serve with different Asian cuisines.


It is very close to the cumin. Fennel grow into very beautiful flowers and their bulbs tastes like licorice or anise. It is not only used in different recipes whereas many people munch on fennel seeds. Sugar coated fennel seeds are also available in the market. They can be directly grown from seeds and kept in sunlight.


You can make delicious mustard sauce from your home grown mustard seeds. They are sown in the early spring. They need a well compost soil and daily watering. Seed pods appear in the mid of season which are harvested when the seed pods turn brown.

Many other spices can also be grown and used in various cuisines all around the year. You can dry them or turn into powder to store and use later.

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