The use of plants to decorate the house is a great way to beautify your home. Here are Top 08 best indoor House Plants In United States.

A plant is always a thing that can be enjoyed. Not only for yourself, but others will enjoy if you use plants to beautify your indoors. As a human, you cannot keep a plant during night time as they produce carbon dioxide when the photosynthesis is not going on. Along with this specific reason, there are many things that you should beware when choosing a plant for your indoor decorations. Here are 10 plants that can be considered human friendly in indoors.

Zz Plant

ZZ plant

Zamioculcas zamiifolia is one of the Top 08 best indoor House Plants In United States. Also known as the ZZ plant, the first thing to remember of the plant is its greenish and shiny leaves. The more important thing to note about this plant is its amazing ability to bear darker conditions. Even if you sit in a place where the light is a limited factor, this plant will survive that condition. Also, water, RH, and nutrients like maintenance factors will remain low. F you are looking for a plant to miss your loneliness in the kitchen, bathroom, or even in the bed room, ZZ pant will obviously be a good option.

Ponytail Palms

Ponytail Palms
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Having a plant that has palm characteristics is an awesome thing to do for your indoors. Although pals require a bit of maintenance practices, the Ponytail palm will make you free from almost everything. The leaves of the ponytail plant are growing similar to a ponytail which also has made the plant to get its name. The greenish leaves, steady palm trunk, and miniature look are the things that an owner might get from this plant.

Dracaena Gold Star

Dracaena Gold Star
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Dracaena plants are known for the law maintenance demand. The Gold member of the family is known for the improved characteristics such as purifying air, law water requirement, law growth rate, and the law maintenance. The greenish and fleshy stem along with succulent leaves are something that can be called encouraging for a resident each time he/she sees. Americans use to keep it near windows where the light receiving is a basic need of the Dracaena Gold Star which also can be tolerated by the plant in lacking moments.  

Modern Bamboo

Modern Bamboo tree

If you have seen Modern bamboo plant, that must have been as a plant that has created a squeezed pattern as a group. That is one of the most elegant features of the plant, ability to send the stem after the light and cerate embracing designs in the end. As a low light plant, modern bamboo plants can be grown in indoors along with other benefits such as miniature look, low maintenance, and higher attraction by the visitors. If you are a person who has indoor plant handling skills, the Modern bamboo plant will be a great way to show off!

Paddle Cactus

Paddle Cactus

When the maintenance comes to the matter, paddle Cactus is the best among all the Peperomia obtusifolia. The plant is known for its least maintenance practices requirement. If what you are looking to decorate your house is a small monster that doesn’t need water for days, light for months, and nutrients like forever, this plant will be it. When it comes to the growth rate, the plant will remain in the same shape like for years as well. The tiny sharpened edges, greenish stem, and the succulent look will mean something new that you haven’t experienced before.

Bird’s Nest Fern

Bird’s Nest Fern
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If you are an owner of pets, the election of an indoor plant will have to be done with great care. If the plant you choose is a toxic one with its leaves, not only the plant but you loved pets will be in trouble. When it comes to the Bird’s Nest, the toxicity or the harmful substances to the living beings is none. It means, you can grow both your pets and the plant together.

Another thing to remember regarding this plant is its structure. The top part of the plant looks like a bird nest while the stem looks brownish and tropical looking stem. This plant has edge pointed long leaves which are embracing beautiful. Since the plant is spreading its leaves, the placement of this plant inside the house has to be in the visiting room.  

Snake Plant

Snake plants

Although the name looks odd, 

what it does is not simple. Snake plant has take its name due to its greenish pattern that has been printed on the upper surface of the plant. It looks a snake is looking to the distant. 

The plant is known as a plant that requires a lower maintenance than most of the Top 08 best indoor House Plants In United States. Water, light, RH, and most of the maintenance factors can be neglected if you are an owner of one of these plants. Other than that, the researches have proven that the snake plant can reduce the toxicity on air by absorbing the toxic elements a swell. Formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, benzene, and xylene like matter will not remain in the indoors. If the fresh and clean air is what you need, the snake plant is a must have plant among the Top 08 best indoor House Plants In United States.

Baby Rubber Plant

Baby Rubber Plant
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Among all the Top 08 best indoor House Plants In United States, this plant is the smallest and the cutest one. Known as the Baby Rubber plant, Peperomia Obtusifolia is one of the underrated hose plants in the United States. It has all the benefits and the characteristics that should contain in an indoor plant. Small space requirement, low water requirement, evergreenish plant stem, compact design, and rounded shape like factors say how cute the plant is.


  • Can I use Anthurium as an indoor plant?

Of course you can. Since the maintenance practices are low and the light is not a major requirement by the plant, you will have an embracing plant inside your house.

  • What is the most popular indoor plant in the USA?

The aloe plant is considered o be the most popular indoor plant in the USA. It is said that 11

states in the USA are searching and keeping this plant in their homes.

  • What is the most beautiful indoor plant in the USA?

The Chinese money plant is the most beautiful indoor plant in the USA. Erected stem. unique leave shape, and the greenish leaves have made that plant the most beautiful one.

  • What is the most expensive house plant in the United States of America?

Monstera adansonii, and Philodendron spp, are the most expensive indoor plants in the USA. 



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